200PCS/Box Double Head Cotton Swab Women Makeup Cotton Bamboo Sticks Ears Cleaning Health Care Cleaning Tool

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Relish the convenience of these double-headed cotton swabs, fashioned from bamboo for your health and care. A generous box of 200 ensures you never run out and ensures ultimate hygiene, perfect for detailing makeup, cleaning ears, and a multitude of other cleaning needs. Enjoy the most luxurious cleansing experience today.


Size: 200PCS

Quantity: 200PCS/BOX

Origin: Mainland China

Number of Pieces: COMBO

Model Number: Cotton Swab

Material: Cotton

Makeup Bamboo Cotton: Eyeshadow Blending Tool

Item Type: Cotton Swab

Double Head Cotton Swab: Ears Cleaning Tools

Cotton Swab: Bamboo Stick Cotton Swab